Here's what a few of our clients have to say

Like many administrators, I spend a lot of time typing, which has lead to painful tendonitis in both of my arms. I had tried everything: physical therapy, ergonomic equipment, over-the-counter pain medication. All of these things helped a little, but it wasn't until I met with Amy for acupuncture that I truly felt lasting relief. After three treatments, it was as though I'd never had tendonitis at all! After spending so many years dealing with constant pain, it still feels like a miracle to sit down at my computer and work painlessly. I only wish I had known about Amy earlier!

SG --Pittsburgh

I have been getting massages weekly for over 8 yrs. and have tried many different therapists. Ian is the absolute BEST massage therapist I have ever been to! He truly is Amazing at what he does!!!  I will be making the 2 hour drive (each way) regularly.

-Jenn G. - Altoona, PA

Iva is an excellent massage therapist. Ive had chronic pain for most of my life, Iva always takes the time to discuss how I'm feeling that day and tailor my session to my specific needs using a variety of techniques to help resolve my current issues. I always leave in a relaxed, pain free state of bliss.
-Sheila K.

After a decade looking in the city of Pittsburgh, the Greens (Amy and Ian) at Pittsburgh Massageworks are the best massage therapists I've worked with, period. I've referred friends and colleagues to them. I am a professional writer and teacher by trade and have chronic tightness in my neck, shoulders, and arms that can make my job difficult. Ian calls these knotted sites traffic jams (along w/identifying the physiology) and by the time I leave our session I am not only pain-free, but stress-free and energized. Ian is fantastic at deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage and injury related body work. The proof is that the results are lasting! With regular sessions I've become more active in my writing, while improving my condition. I don't' consider massage a luxury; it is a necessity and one that is worth every penny when you finds the right therapist. I also love the non-clinical atmosphere and how I'm supporting small independent business owners!

-Ava C.- Pittsburgh

For the past fifteen years, I’ve had to manage chronic pain from TMJ and farming related injuries. My neck, shoulder, and facial pain require that I dedicate a lot of time and energy mitigating the pain’s intensity. Over the years, I’ve worked with a long list of practitioners in a variety of body work traditions and Iva is one of my favorite that I’ve found on my journey. During our sessions, she is receptive to my requests, yet proactive about suggesting alternate techniques, broadening the scope of opportunities for me to experience relief.  She is a present, generous and dedicated practitioner. I highly recommend Iva to anyone looking for a massage therapist.  

-Corinne B.


Can't recommend this enough.  Ian always takes the time to answer any questions and explain techniques.  He discovered all of my bad habits just from my muscles, like how I sleep with my head twisted to the left.  Better than that, he fixed those problems!  I always look forward to my trip here!

-Heather S. -Pittsburgh

I had a fantastic massage.  Ian and Amy are great and really are passionate about their work.  They took the time to understand my health issues and design a massage to help me.  Ian did a combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage with other very effective techniques for my lower back.  I highly recommend Pittsburgh Massageworks, they will really work with you and treat you well, and they are just very awesome people.

-J.M. -Pittsburgh

JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!  Therapists who know about the human body and more than just your run-of-the-mill massage.  Amy and Ian are experts in deep tissue, sports massage, fascia work, relaxation, trigger point, etc YOU NAME It! How many times have you walked into a fancy salon or studio and left disappointed and $50 poorer.  Massageworks is money well spent. For massage and healing work, there is no where else I would go.
-Allison L. -Pittsburgh








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