Customized Therapeutic Massage: A customized blend of multiple styles of massage to relieve tension and pain while relaxing both mind and body. Your therapist will sit down with you one-on-one before the session to discuss your current and past pain issues, injuries, and treatment goals. This is not a cookie-cutter treatment and we do address abdominal/core and hip tension unlike many franchise massage establishments. Hot Stones and steamed towels are integrated as luxurious, no-cost add-ons. We emphasize quality over quantity at our practice, so you will receive the full session length on the massage table.

60 min $90  |  90 min $120  |  120 min $150


Customized Massage

60 minutes

Allows for a general full body massage

or 1-3 areas for focus work. Common for upper

back/neck pain or low back pain.


90 minutes

The most popular session with our regular clients.

Allows for a full body massage with targeted deep tissue

work in 1-3 areas. The extra half hour makes a big difference.

In our opinion, the standard session length.

2 hours 

Our extended session allows for more detailed work and more stretches. Very useful for clients who are taller, more muscular, or who simply need the extra time.

40 minute Target Session* .     40 min $75 

Focus on 1-3 target areas and choose from one of two add-on options: the Cold Stone Headache Soother or the CBD Pain Busting Spot Treatment. Perfect for those who need to be in and out in under an hour. 

* This session is 'call to book' and scheduling is done with consideration of the therapists in order to avoid gaps in their schedules. 

Lava Bask Hot Stone Massage: A luxurious and grounding treatment that brings the energy of smooth heated volcanic stones to tired achy muscles and joints. Steamed towels and foot wraps are incorporated to make for a deeply soothing experience. An excellent cold weather treat and incredibly relaxing for the mind and body. 


 90 min $150  |  120 min $180



Prenatal Massage: A soothing and nurturing session created for expecting mothers.  Special bolsters and pillows hold the mother in a safe and comfortable position while she and her baby relax together. Many studies have shown that when the mother is calm, in-utero development is healthier.  Regular bodywork throughout a pregnancy can help a woman's body adapt to the physical changes by easing neck, back and hip pain, improving lymph and blood flow and preparing for labor. A wonderful Mother's Day gift for the mom-to-be!


60 min $90  |  90 min $120  |  120 min $150



Cupping Therapy*: This session utilizes both static and slide cupping to loosen up fascial adhesions and help flush out congested muscle tissue. Instead of pressure, cupping uses suction. If you haven't tried it yet, you must! Cupping typically leaves a mark in the shape of a cup on the skin, which will fade within a few hours to a week. And, it simply feels amazing. 

40 min target session $85    

* This session is 'call to book' and scheduling is done with consideration of the therapists in order to avoid gaps in their schedules. 

CBDeep Cupping Decompression*: Experience the decompressing power of stationary and slide cupping therapy combined with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving therapeutic plant-based oil. If your muscles are sore and overworked, or just tend to hold onto tension more stubbornly, this is the session for you. If you need to be in and out in under an hour but feel like you got an extended session - this treatment will do just that. 

40 min target session $100

* This session is 'call to book' and scheduling is done with consideration of the therapists in order to avoid gaps in their schedules. 

Massage & Cupping Combo: Truly the best of both worlds - this session gives you the skilled and targeted bodywork you need where you need it along with the effective decompression from static and slide cupping to obtain serious relief.  Excellent for chronic or stubborn neck. hip and back pain and tight IT bands in runners. If you want to try cupping but still want a massage- you don't have to choose - this session brings it all. 

60 Minute   $105 | 90 Minute $135 | 2 Hour $165

CBDeep Massage & Cupping Combo: The top-shelf massage service. Our skilled therapists literally decompress tight achy muscle tissue with the stationary and slide cupping therapy, utilize IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation) to loosen constricted connective tissue and combined it all with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving plant-based oil for an ultra alleviating session like nothing else. Excellent for those whose who are achy all over, are a little too overworked, or just need some next-level treatment. Increases circulation overall and great for sports-related recovery,  stubborn tension and arthritis. 

60 Minute   $125 | 90 Minute $155 | 2 Hour $185

*NOT recommended for those who have hemophilia, blood clotting disorders, diabetes, or conditions that prevent feeling pain.    



*This Service Is Currently Paused Due to the Pandemic*

Couples Massage*: Relax with a friend or partner while you enjoy a session together in the same room. Please call to book. (412) 626-2648


Couples Customized Therapeutic Massage

60 min $200 ($100 ea.)  |  90 min $260 ($130 ea.)  |  120 min $320 ($160 ea.)

Couples Lava Bask Hot Stone Massage 

90 min $320 ($160 ea.) |  120 min $380 ($190 ea.)

Couples Massage & Cupping Combo  

60 min $230 ($115 ea.) | 90 min $290 ($145 ea.) | 120 min $350 ($175 ea.)


Couples CBDeep Massage & Cupping Combo  

60 min $270 ($135 ea.) | 90 min $330 ($165 ea.)| 120 min $390 ($195 ea.) 


Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai Massage 

Both techniques are applied with warm, sanitized feet so soft and comfortable, you would never know the practitioner is not using their hands. Using the broad surface of the soles of the feet as appose to thumbs, wrist, knuckles and elbows feels far more luxurious.



Ashiatsu Massage*

Ashiatsu massage is a modality of massage that makes use of the therapist’s bare feet to apply broad, deliciously deep pressure. The foot has a larger surface area than the hand which allows the therapist to provide deep smoothing of muscle and fascia, delivering a unique and comfortable deep tissue experience.


In an Ashiatsu session, the therapist takes the first two or three minutes to apply massage cream to the entire body and sanitize her feet before stepping onto the table. Once the massage begins, the therapist uses bars and straps installed in the ceiling for balance and support while applying long, slow, gliding strokes with one foot at a time.


The ideal Ashiatsu client feels like they can’t get a massage that’s deep enough. They are athletes, the tall, or the larger bodied. They like slow massage. Ashi can be strenuous for smaller clients; If you are smaller than 130 lbs, your therapist will combine Ashiatsu and hands-on massage for your comfort.

Ashi-Thai Massage*

Often called "Lazy-man-Yoga", Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches that have been modified and are performed on a massage table. A combination of deep compressions and passive stretches helps to elongate chronic shortened muscles and increases range of motion.


Ashi-Thai is quite effective in treating structural injuries that are sports or work related. During the session, your therapist will encourage deep breathing to further increase the relaxation benefits of this modality.

This session is performed fully clothed so be sure to wear loose, stretchy and comfortable clothing to your session. 




*Please let your therapist know if you have or have a history of sequestered (ruptured) discs, neuropathy, diabetes, implants, broken bones in the last 6 years, surgeries, aneurysms, strokes, or DVTs.


60 min $90  |  90 min $120  |  120 min $150


Oncology Massage: Massage has many benefits for individuals with cancer, whether the patient is undergoing acute treatments or enjoying good health. These sessions are focused on well-being and nurturing touch over deeper, goal-oriented bodywork. Adjustments are made in time, pressure and positioning to assure comfort and safety. Massage is known to help oncology patients with pain, stress, depression, edema and mood. 


60 min $90  |  90 min $120  |  120 min $150


The Safe & Sound: The perfect anxiety relieving treatment that floods the body & mind with calming stimuli.  The session begins with a tingly peppermint scalp massage. After being draped with a grounding weighted blanket, the hands and feet are packed in a nerve-soothing magnesium butter with heated mitts and boots. Our high definition wireless Bose headphones then bathe the brain in binaural sound waves inducing the theta brainwave state. This is the mind-space you may recognize as the relaxed and creative state that precedes sleep. Next, enjoy a deep and thorough massage of all the muscles and joints in your hands and feet. Finally, steamed towels are wrapped and pressed around the feet complete this sensory smorgasbord. This is the go-to service for people who love to spoil their hands and feet, have trouble turning off their minds, or those who do not want to get undressed for a treatment.  Science has never been so chill. 

40 Min $70

60 Min  $100




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