Cupping Therapy



Cupping is an age-old therapy used around the world for numerous musculoskeletal and internal issues.


The decompressing action on the body by the cups facilitates lymphatic and vascular flow, releases tight fascia, and lifts cellular debris to the surface where it can be cleared. Traumas, injuries and a sedentary lifestyle can all leave an accumulation of metabolic waste and old blood cells deep in the tissues that we refer to in Chinese medicine as stagnant blood. This is what you see when the round marks appear after a cupping session, if they appear at all.


Cupping can be as diagnostic as it is a treatment, as we can see after treatment which areas had an accumulation of stagnant blood. The marks fade in a few days as the body clears away the debris, leaving room for fresh blood to nourish the area that was compromised. Cupping will often help a troubled area when other therapies won't.  Proper hydration after a cupping session helps the body's lymphatic system flush out the tissues.


Respiratory issues, constipation injuries and general tension may benefit from Cupping Therapy.

Our signature Honey Glow Facial Cupping is a superb therapy to bring fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the facial skin, accomplishing so much more than a topical moisturizer ever could. 

Cupping Session

40 Minute Cupping Therapy $65

Typically done to loosen a tight back or other target area.

One Hour Cupping Therapy  $100

A full-body session for increasing circulation overall and focusing on targeted areas.

*NOT recommended for those who have hemophilia, blood clotting disorders, diabetes, or conditions that prevent feeling pain.    

Massage & Cupping Combo

Enjoy a combination of therapeutic massage and cupping.

60 Minute $105 | 90 Minute  $135 | 2 Hour $165 


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