Cupping Therapy - What is it?


The decompressing action on the body by the cups facilitates lymphatic and vascular flow, releases tight fascia, and lifts cellular debris to the surface where it can be cleared. Traumas, injuries and a sedentary lifestyle can all leave an accumulation of metabolic waste and old blood cells deep in the tissues that we refer to in Chinese medicine as stagnant blood. This is what you see when the round marks appear after a cupping session, if they appear at all.


Cupping can be as diagnostic as it is a treatment, as we can see after treatment which areas had an accumulation of stagnant blood. The marks fade in a few days as the body clears away the debris, leaving room for fresh blood to nourish the area that was compromised. Cupping will often help a troubled area when other therapies won't.  Proper hydration after a cupping session helps the body's lymphatic system flush out the tissues.

Cupping Services*

40 Minute Cupping Target Session: This session utilizes both static and slide cupping to loosen up fascial adhesions and help flush out congested muscle tissue. If you need to be in and out in under an hour and have one main issue to work on, we have your back. 

40 min target session $65    call to book

CBDeep Cupping Decompression: Experience the decompressing power of stationary and slide cupping therapy combined with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving therapeutic hemp extract oil. If your muscles are sore and overworked, or just tend to hold onto tension more stubbornly, this is the session for you. If you need to be in and out in under an hour but feel like you got an extended session - this treatment will do just that. 

40 min target session $85     call to book


Massage & Cupping Combo: Truly the best of both worlds - this session gives you the skilled and targeted bodywork you need where you need it along with the effective decompression from static and slide cupping to obtain serious relief.  Excellent for chronic or stubborn neck. hip and back pain and tight IT bands in runners. If you want to try cupping but still want a massage- you don't have to choose - this session brings it all. 

60 Minute   $105 | 90 Minute $135 | 2 Hour $165


CBDeep Massage & Cupping Combo: The top-shelf massage service. Our skilled therapists literally decompress tight achy muscle tissue with the stationary and slide cupping therapy, utilize IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation) to loosen constricted connective tissue and combined it all with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving hemp extract oil for an ultra alleviating session like nothing else. Excellent for those whose who are achy all over, are a little too overworked, or just need some next-level treatment. Increases circulation overall and great for sports-related recovery,  stubborn tension and arthritis. 

60 Minute   $125 | 90 Minute $155 | 2 Hour $185


*This Service Is Currently Paused Due To The Pandemic*

Honey Glow Facial Cupping 

Lift ~ Plump


Enjoy a natural face lift without invasive, harmful, or chemical procedures with our facial cupping treatment.  We start with a light exfoliation and then apply a Neroli toner followed by a humectant and anti-bacterial organic honey mask. While the mask processes, enjoy an invigorating scalp and neck massage. Next begins the tonifying gua sha and cupping facial massage. The gentle suction of the small glass cups relaxes tight muscles, re-hydrates flaccid tissues, and stimulates the flow of lymph without leaving marks. We send you back into the sunlight with a light application of SPF 15 coconut moisturizer. 

*NOT recommended for those who have hemophilia, blood clotting disorders, diabetes, or conditions that prevent feeling pain.    

One Hour Honey Glow Facial Cupping: $100


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