Due to the nature of being in an enclosed space for a prolonged period of time, we require everyone entering our facility to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you. Please assume that you are an asymptomatic carrier and wear your mask correctly--completely covering your mouth and nose. We ask that you don your mask before entering our waiting room and keep it on at all times, including inside the restroom and treatment rooms, both before and after your appointment. We value your safety, our safety, and the safety of the elderly & immuno-compromised family and friends in our community.


For your comfort during massage treatments, we've improvised a mask for the face cradle with a high (1800) thread-count pillowcase, so you can breathe more freely while droplets are contained. We've taken the additional step of using Austin Air Purifiers in every room of our clinic. The HEPA technology used in the filters is clinically proven to remove 95% of all pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. The COVID-19 virus particles are larger than this, which means that these air purifiers are effectively removing the vast majority of the virus when it is airborne.

We are also a distributor for the Austin Air purifiers we use in our clinic, and we can help you obtain one of these units for your home. If you are interested, please reach out to us via email or call us for more information. As of now, we can have one to you in about 48 hours on average. They are:

~manufactured in America in Buffalo, NY

~ made of steel

~have a 5 year warranty on the filter

Even if you aren't concerned about covid in your home, these air purifiers are very effective at filtering out pollutants in the air as well as adsorbing chemicals and gasses from furniture, paint and carpeting. People will allergies will also greatly benefit from having one of these machines in their home. 

Thank you for working with us to give you the best and safest experience possible while we all get used to the new normal.  We are happy to be back to providing highly skilled acupuncture and bodywork to help improve your health and wellness.

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