Free street parking


  • 4 Hr: At the east end of Lincoln Avenue towards the corner of Lincoln and Brighton


  • No limit: On the east end of Lincoln Avenue near the police training center .                        *Note: Street Cleaning Apr.1 to Nov. 30   2nd  Mon (right side)/Tues (left side)       8:30a - 2p


  • 4 blocks from the office near the intersection of Galveston and West North Avenue

  • There is 1 Hr parking on Galveston, but that won't be long enough for any of our appointments


Metered parking

 Get the Pgh Mobile Parking App! 

( It's so convenient )

  • There is 2 Hr parking on Western Avenue


  • We're on the 2nd floor of the Allegheny Court Building, which sits on the corner of Western and Galveston Avenue.    (caddy corner from the Modern Cafe)

  •  There are 17 steps. We don't currently have a stair lift but we are looking into getting one for accessibility


  • Enter the courtyard on the Galveston side of the building and go up the stairs

  • Open the door to the second floor at the top of the landing. It looks locked but it's open. 


  • We are the first door on your left




massage & bodywork




901 Western Ave. 2nd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Tuesday - Friday 



8 - 8

10 - 5

10 - 2